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Pyramus Records is based in Sweden and the UK. It was founded in March 2020. 

"Music is your own experience, your thoughts, your wisdom. If you don't live it, it won't come out of your horn."

Charlie Parker

"You just pick a chord, go twang, and you've got music."

Sid Vicious

"Music is spiritual. The music business is not."

Van Morrison

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September 24 2023

Embers is the 2nd album from Bergman. 
"I have created an album which is something I would like to listen to myself and without any thoughts of popular appeal. It blends two favourites genres of mine: folkrock and progressive rock. I grew up listening to early Genesis and I've included some elements of their pastoral English music into my music to spice things up! The title Embers comes from a play I saw in London with Jeremy Irons. It was so good I even read the book." The album was written, recorded and mixed by Bergman and mastered by Hans Olsson Brookes (bob hund, timo räisänen) at Svenska Grammofonstudion in Gothenburg. Mikael Qvist plays the guitar solo on "Queen Emma And The Poll Tax Riot".



December 25, 2022

For this rocker Bergman is joined by Jonas Qvarsebo on drums and Mikael Qvist on guitar. The lyrics consist of some dodgy recollections from the artist's London in the Noughties.

thumbnail_FILTH cover 1890px.png



December 31, 2021

This is the new single from Bergman. Contrasting the 1920s with the 20s of today!

BERGMAN Roaring Twenties RED.jpg



180 g vinyl: December 17 2020
(for now order via email:
Streaming platforms: December 24 2020

Singer/songwriter Bergman has 20+ songs published by Warner Chappell Music and MNW Records and is a veteran of the Swedish indie scene. This is his solo debut, preferably sorted under Alternative/Folkrock/Indie.
Bergman is the ex-singer of Swedish 90s indie pioneers Scents. Their "Poppy EP" and song "Your Favourite Records" was a radio hit played all over Europe. Together with Wannadies they were signed to SOAP Records.
Work includes collaborations with Nina Persson (Cardigans) and producer Tore Johansson (Franz Ferdinand, Cardigans, Suede, New Order) and the band Bergman Qvarsebo Andersson.
The songs for "Burnt More Bridges Than Cross The Thames" have a common theme as they are small meditations of Bergman's 14 years in a hedonistic pre-Brexit and pre-pandemic London. The songs were recorded and mixed in his London flat in and mastered at Svenska Grammofon Studion in Gothenburg separately for streaming platforms and for vinyl.
Cornwall-based artist Kim Guy sings on the title track.

Bergman - Burnt More Bridges Than Cross



May 1st, 2020

This single is an anticipated release from Pyramus Records. Swedish singer/songwriter UL65 was born in Oxelösund on August 20, 1965 and started his career in a local rock band during high school around 1978. Since then he has played in a number of different constellations ranging from hard rock and metal to jazz. He finds his inspiration in music such as progressive rock and country. His own music is, despite the sources of inspiration, best described as simple rock/pop with a nostalgic touch.



March 9, 2020

This is the first release courtesy of Pyramus Records, and we're so proud to present to you Bergman Qvarsebo Andersson. 
The Swedish band Bergman Qvarsebo Andersson (BQA) consists of an indie rocker, a punkrocker and a jazz musician:
Bergman (vocals, producer) - of Swedish indiepop pioneers Scents
Jonas Qvarsebo (drums) - of Peking Punk fame
Andreas W Andersson (saxophone) - has with his powerful sound and lyrical playing marked himself as one of Sweden’s most personal baritone saxophonists. He has performed with Bobo Stensson among others.

Berg Squared.jpg
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